Practice Charter

At Park View Group Practice, we value our patients and aim to provide a high-quality care and service. To do this, we need to set boundaries and expectations to foster an effective relationship.

The Practice will endeavour to: 

  • Consider your needs and provide a professional and confidential service and work in partnership with ours patients, their family, carers and representatives
  • Consider what would most benefit our patients individiaul health and wellbeing and discuss and decisions made in a clear and transparent way
  • Treat all of our patients equally and with dignity and respect
  • Encourage patients to take part in decisions about their health and wellbeing and discuss any decision in a clear and transparent way
  • Learn from any mistakes and esnure that, should any occur, we fully investigate . If harm has been caused, we will provide an appropriate explanation and apology
  • Offer patients a named GP, or GPs, of choice where possible for continuity of care
  • Listen to our patients and involve them in decision making regarding your treatment options
  • Consider and respect patients feedback

In return, this practice will expect that our patients will undertake the following:

  • Use our service responsibly and not expect immediate treatment for non-urgent/routine conditions
  • Take personal responsibility for your own health
  • Treat staff and other patients with respect and recognise that violence or the causing of nuisance or disturbance could result in prosecution
  • Provide accurate information about your health, condition and status
  • Keep to any appointments or cancel within a reasonable time to allow the appointment to be reused for another patient
  • Follow the course of treatment to which you have agreed and talk to your clinician if you find this difficult
  • Participate in important public health programmes such as vaccination
  • Utilise the services of other professional practice staff as a GP is not necessarily the most appropriate clinician to see on all occasions
  • Allow sufficient time for processing repeat prescription requests and not pressure staff to process unauthorised medication requests
  • Keep us informed of any name, address and telephone number changes
  • Turn up on time for appointments, or if you cannot attend, cancel with 24 hours notice
  • Understand that failure to meet these expectations may result in the practice requesting that you register elsewhere at another GP Practice